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About KPJ

 In May of 2022, after a week of back-breaking work on a house remodel, I came to find myself surrounded by friends, rolling in the grass, and enjoying some magic mushrooms. During this trip, I looked at myself in the mirror and for the first time in my life, I saw myself - beautiful, confident, and radiating a glow of energy I only ever saw in others - but here I was, surrounded by it. I quickly ran to my husband saying, "I'm friggen beautiful!! Everyone needs to feel this way! I need to feed the world mushrooms!" At the time, Psilocybin was still illegal, so I decided to focus my energy and photography experience in Boudoir. I love and enjoy capturing people in proper pose and lighting, and seeing their disbelief when they see a photo I have taken of them; "Is that really me? I'm beautiful!". Now that psilocybin is decriminalized, I am expanding to the roots of where this all began and also offering healing journeys. Please visit my "Services" tab for more information. 

About Kim

Hi there, I'm Kim. I am 30 years-old, have two dogs and an amazing husband. We are from California, and now live just outside of Denver, Colorado. I have an array of experience from teaching, farming, construction, bartending, and (my favorites) photography and mycology. I graduated in 2018 with a B.S in Biology. In my recent free time, I can be found working out, woodworking, or lounging in my favorite sweats while doing research in one of my interests. My main passion is making people feel amazing about themselves, because we are all amazing humans and have so much we offer that sometimes we forget or are unaware of.

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